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  • What does mean blend tobacco ? +

    In Greek we named it in older times as "Harmani", namely, a mixture of different varieties of tobacco leaves. Each one has a different function at the final result. Simply, in a blend that consists of three different tobacco varieties, one of it gives the taste, the other the aftertaste and the final the flavor. The top tobacco blends operate with the same way as do the cooking recipes. Namely, we collect different varieties of different grades and different levels of nicotine, and we create a combination of those, so the result covers even the most pretentious smoker.
  • Why should I prefer the packing of 100gr. and how does the tobacco subsist in it? +

    As we have already said, all of our tobacco are highly graded and they have been elaborated in natural way in hand(handmade),without adding improvers. With the aging process of the tobacco leaves and the fermentation in order to "tie" the blend, the tobacco after its cut continues to age day by day. After the cut of the tobacco, the aging process is achieved with the largest possible quantity of cut tobacco in a hermetically closed space. We believe that the minimum quantity in order to continue the aging process, is 100gr. of tobacco. For its maintenance, nothing more than closing correctly the zip lock on the top of the packing and the conservation of it in a shady area is needed. Not in fridge.
  • What does the BODY and ROOM NOTE indication mean ? +

    In all handmade created blends ,like the pipe tobacco, there are these two indications helping the smokers to have an idea about each tobacco blend concerning its weight, taste and flavor. So, with the BODY inscription we declare indicative the weight of each blend as well as the intensity of its flavor. Contrariwise, the ROOM NOTE inscription shows how perceptual is the tobacco flavor by the smoker or people around in a closed area.
  • Which is the origin of the tobacco? +

    We would prefer if all our tobacco varieties came from our country, but as we all know, Greece is not anymore a country-station for the tobacco farming like it used to be. So, the only Greek varieties that we use are two. Black sea Basma of Xanthi and Black sea Samsun of Katerini. The rest of our varieties come from their origin because only there we can find the high quality of the tobacco leaves that we need. Such as USA for the western-style varieties Virginia-Burley and Turkey for izmir.
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