BLACK SEA – Tobacco blend


A super tobacco blend which consists of six different tobacco varieties, three oriental and three Western-style. We are proud for the result because there is no other blend in the world that has over three different tobacco varieties..

GOLD VIRGINIA from the Virginia state of USA.
BURLEY HAMPTON from Kentucky of USA.
CONNECTICUT from Connecticut of USA.
BLACK SEA SAMSUN from Katerini county, in North Greece.
BLACK SEA BASMA from Xanthi county in north Greece.
LATAKIA from the LATAKIA city of Syria.

BODY: 3 / ROOM NOTE: 2,5

Wolfway Tobacco

Tο μοναδικό εργοστάσιο παραγωγής blend καπνού για στριφτό τσιγάρο & πίπα που ακολουθεί τις παλιές χειροποίητες μεθόδους επεξεργασίας καπνού.