WILD GUNS – Tobacco blend


With handmade processing and based on unaltered recipes of 1930 blends. With the same tobacco varieties as then, you will never change it for anything else. We believe that nothing more has to been written for its taste and flavor, but only the varieties of which it consists of..

BURLEY VARIATION from the state of Tennessee of USA.
ISLETA PUEBLO from the New Mexico of USA.

BODY: 3,5 / ROOM NOTE: 2,5

Wolfway Tobacco

Tο μοναδικό εργοστάσιο παραγωγής blend καπνού για στριφτό τσιγάρο & πίπα που ακολουθεί τις παλιές χειροποίητες μεθόδους επεξεργασίας καπνού.