It is enough for someone to read the oblation to our grandfather at the back side of the pack ,to understand the reason that we made this tobacco blend..

BLACK SEA BASMA from Xanthi county in north Greece. It is very difficult to describe the features of this variety. Undoubtedly, it is the King of oriental tobacco varieties.

IZMIR TUTUN from our neighborly Turkey. A tobacco variety that when somebody tastes, only good comments are said. For us Greeks, it is considered as the next best oriental tobacco variety after Basma of Xanthi. The exactly opposite turn of quality support Turks and as we all understand, we are talking about the two top East type varieties.

BODY: 3,5 / ROOM NOTE: 4

Wolfway Tobacco

Tο μοναδικό εργοστάσιο παραγωγής blend καπνού για στριφτό τσιγάρο & πίπα που ακολουθεί τις παλιές χειροποίητες μεθόδους επεξεργασίας καπνού.