Wolfway Tobacco


An almost unknown village in north Greece with a very peculiar name, hidden in the mountain forests of Xanthi is for us the place that everything starts and finish. Wolfway of Xanthi. Many people ask me.. Wolfway ? Is there a village in Greece with such a name ? There is, I reply, and for us it is what most important we have because some experiences from there are priceless…

A tobacco village in mountainous place of Xanthi praised with quality tobacco growing from Greek Tobacco Agency to Charalambos Xatziioannidis in 1954, with refugees residents of Pontus and calmness..a lot of calmness.. If you go there and stay some days, you understand how vain is the humanity and that with few and simple things you can be really happy…

We owe a lot of things to this place which are really difficult to mention one by one. The only sure thing is that if we were not originating from there, we would have nothing to do with tobacco nor its treatment of course.

The least we could do primarily, was to give our company the name of our village. WOLFWAY-the way of the wolf- LYKODROMIO(in Greek). It is a very important word for us, a village where the residents know us from our childhood with our grandfather’s name, a place with tradition in tobacco. When we decided to associate this place with our company we were sure that nothing less but the best, should bring its name.


The three unusual words for rolling tobacco, which someone reads when holding our packing are (HANDMADE-FERMENTATION-AGING). It is unusual indeed, to produce handmade tobacco from the beginning until packing with no industrial support and during this, to pass them through fermentation and aging processes. Let us take it one by one. In order to keep our promise, turning back the time and producing tobacco as before, the handmade production was the only way for us. Before some decades, the machinery came to the tobacco sector too. This fact and the increasing demand made the production factories to work out the tobacco like a neutral material. A material like all the other, without changes and fluctuations. Actually, it is not so. From the beginning until the end, the tobacco changes its quality, its taste, its flavor ,color and texture. Every time of the year and in every stage of its treatment, a lot of different things have to be done to sustain a natural product like tobacco, which changes day by day. This of course cannot be achieved by the machines for productive and cost reasons. So, they must give an end to this change in order to have a stable production quantity, quality, taste and flavor. Not to transform the tobacco to a dead stuff, as old people said. With handmade process we cannot achieve a large production but we let the tobacco give us its quality and, with attention to production process, we have all the features that make it a pleasure and not a bad habit.

The stages of fermentation and aging of the tobacco do not differ excessively with those wine makers do for the wine. During the fermentation, we take different categories and varieties of tobacco leaves, the old known in Greek ” Harmani” or Blend as we now say, and after two stages of boiling, the liquids of each variety mix between them by giving the features of the one tobacco variety to the other. After this, follows the first stage of drying and aging, by letting the leaves dehumidify by they own according to weather conditions. We keep them in barrels where we daily shuffle the tobacco leaves to let them “breathe” and gradually lose their moisture. When all the leaves have engross the mix of liquids of all the tobacco varieties and from the time that their drying starts, essentially starts the first fermentation. After leaves are cut thinly, the tobacco must come in the right moisture in order to smoke and to keep all its qualitative elements( we mention this because all the highly graded tobacco with handmade process change their taste, flavor and gravity according to the percentage of their moisture. As wet is the tobacco as more are its features). We put it in containers and once again.

Wolfway Tobacco

We are the only factory of producing blend tobacco that follows the old handmade methods of tobacco treatment which include the aging and fermentation processes of the blends